Exam Questions

Hello all,

Here are the possible additional questions for your upcoming test. Remember that they may not be in the same format, but they will be included in your exam. The initial questions are the ones you have to prepare every week for the assigned articles.

1. Compare L1 and L2 learners regarding the initial, intermediate and final states of learning. (Saville-Troike’s articles)

2. Which of the three theoretical approaches to explaining the L2 can be more suitable to consider when you teach an L2 in Pasto?

3. What is Universal Grammar and what is its role in explaining language acquisition?

4. Which of Krashen’s hypothesis are suitable to be implemented or adapted in order to enhance L2 learning?

5. Evaluate CPH (that is, state its characteristics, the positive and negative aspects of it)

6.  What is, in your opinion, the role of input in L2 instruction?

7. What strategies can we use to help our Ss notice the language feature we want to teach?


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